What is Endodontology?

Even a mild tooth infection is no laughing matter. But when the infection spreads to the tooth’s sensitive inner pulp, it causes a whole host of unpleasant and painful side effects.

Leave it untreated and you risk losing the tooth, leading to more problems later on – not to mention difficulties with eating, chewing and even speaking clearly.

At its heart, the science of endodontics is simple. My mission is to open the tooth and clean and treat the infection at its source. Then, I’ll reseal the tooth using hard-wearing materials designed to give many years of protection against reinfection.

Endodontic Retreatment

I often see patients whose endodontic treatment with another clinician has failed.

Either they felt no relief from pain and discomfort immediately after therapy or the tooth becomes infected and painful again, months – sometimes years – down the line.

Even in these cases, it is possible to save teeth from extraction and set my patients on the path to years of carefree smiles.

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World-Leading Expertise

I’ve been providing successful endodontic treatments since graduating cum laude from the University of Rome in 1995. Almost three decades in practice, as well as teaching at the highest level in universities, has helped me reach the very top of my profession. You can be confident of success.

Single Session Treatments

Not many patients share my view that root canal therapy is a pleasant way to pass the time! That’s why I’ve developed a swift, effective workflow that means patients won’t spend a moment longer than necessary in my chair. And I’m proud to do this without affecting my peerless success record.

I Save Teeth

My ability to save the teeth that other endodontists would extract is perhaps my proudest accomplishment. I’ve achieved this record over years of advanced practice and training, and by holding the belief that nothing is impossible. I’ve saved many thousands of teeth this way – sparing patients the expense of restorations or the discomfort of living with an incomplete smile.

I Write the Book

When patients come to me, they can be confident I will use the latest evidence-backed techniques and materials. I don’t just keep abreast of the latest innovations in endodontology – I develop and teach them through regular contributions to journals and textbooks, and in my role as a clinical teacher with several universities.

Restorative Work

My work doesn’t end once the tooth is sealed and the infection kept at bay. I am unique in providing post-endodontic restorations in the form of crowns, bridges, fillings and more. Providing these helps make sure my patients receive joined-up care with superb long-term oral health at the heart of every treatment plan.


Special Difference

Any dentist can read a book on endodontics and announce they have a ‘special interest’ in the subject. (If they did, I would recommend they read mine)!

More likely, special interest endodontists have attended some seminars or courses and now devote a portion of their time to root canal therapy alongside general and cosmetic treatments.

Being on the specialist register is another matter. It is the culmination of several years of advanced postgraduate study on a GDC-accredited course. And it is a source of great pride that my name appears on the register here in the UK.

Being a specialist means I can devote all of my time doing what I love most: Using up-to-the-minute endodontic techniques to save and preserve teeth.

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